Kyrgyzstan will need over 120 thousand qualified workers untill 2017

Date: 15:48, 31-03-2015.

Bishkek. March 31. KyrTAG – Kyrgyzstan’s  need in qualified workers will reach over 120 thousand untill 2017. Minister of labor and migration of KR Aybek Azyrankulov said in a press conference Tuesday.  

He said that the minstry calculated on average need of the country in qualified work force untill 2017.

″According to our calculations, we will need over 120 thousand specialists in technical sphere. They are, agriculturalists, veterinarians, sewers, welders and others″, - he said.

He made clear, that demand for these specialists is dictated by growing infrastructure and economy of the country, as well as its accession to Eurasian economic union.

He also said that Kyrgyzstan educates about 14 thousand specialists, and 70% of them find jobs in Kyrgyzstan.

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