Japanese midget cars conquer kyrgyz auto market

Date: 18:32, 31-03-2015.

Bishkek. March 31. KyrTAG – Aizura Chykynova.  Japanese midget cars are in high demand at kyrgyz auto market located in Voenno-Antonovka village, Chui oblast. Azat Maksat uulu, car seller, told KyrTAG Tuesday.

″The number of right-wheeled cars reach to about 40%, Japanese midget cars are very popular among buyers. Their average cost is $4 thousand., recently their prices fell by $500-$1000″, - said he.

As he noted, expensive cars have risen in prices almost by $2 thousand.

″Most expensive cars are bought by citizens of Kazakhstan″, - said A.Maksat uulu.

″Cost of automobiles dropped after the new year, especially for trucks″, - he said.

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