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About us
The international news agency KyrTAG (Kyrgyzstan Telegraph Agency) is a reliable information source in Kyrgyzstan.

The news agency daily reports about public-political, economic, scientific and sports events and has a correspondent network in 7 cities of Kyrgyzstan, and also in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The focus of KyrTAG work is on coverage of economic news in Kyrgyzstan. The KyrTAG reports are read in Russia, the US, Europe, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tajikistan and other states. The news agency daily reports over 60 news in Russian and more than 30 hot news in the Kyrgyz language. The address of the site: www.kyrtag.kg.

The number of site visitors has reached 7000 a day, more than 60 000 people read KyrTAG news reports on other internet sources and mass media, it is cited by the most popular mass media of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asian states and the CIS.

The agency includes an international press-center. The KyrTAG press center holds press-conferences, briefings of different format.