Children of kyrgyz bureaucracies and deputies study abroad

Date: 18:26, 11-02-2015.

For example, one of sons of Kyrgyz president Almaz Atambayev graduated fr om Bilkent american university, Ankara. Recently prime-minister Joomart Otorbayev was asked by KyrTAG, at a press conference, where his kids study, he replied that his children get education in Great Britain.    

Recall, tuitions at private schools and universities of England, Switzerland or USA may exceed $30 thousand a year.

KyrTAG asked civil servants and deputies, what education they selected for their children.

Prime-minister of KR Joomart Otorbayev: «My children are split into two categories – seniors and juniors. Seniors already work and juniors study yet. My elder children insisted the juniors get good education. Education of my junior children, who study in Great Britain, is paid by my elder kids».  

Jogorku Kenesh deputy Ravshan Zheenbekov: «I have four children, two of them study abroad. Minors get education at one of bishkek’s schools. I oppose the idea that children should study abroad since school years, first they have to get education in their home country. I am not clear about president and prime-minister’s position, who say that the future of Kyrgyzstan is only with Russia, but send their children to Turkey and Europe for study. Why do they not send their children to Russia? If these people are unwilling to send their children to schools of Kyrgyzstan then they are not interested in developing Kyrgyz education. Such people cannot be on power».

Jogorku Kenesh deputy Omurbek Abdyrahmanov: «My children got school education here in Kyrgyzstan. But in 2007 then ex-president Kurmanbek Bakiyev forced us to leave the country, and my elder children, who finished school that time, got education in USA. My elder daughter stayed there to work».

Deputy of «Ata-Meken» party Tashbolot Baltabayev: All my kids studied in Kyrgyzstan and got worth-while education. Now they have their own families, they support their families themselves».  

Leader of Social democratic party Chynybay Tursunbekov: «I have three children. All of them studied here in Kyrgyzstan. Elder daughters graduated from American university in Central Asia, and my son still goes to school. Elder daughter works at my firm, and the younger left for USA, to business school».

Leader of «Ar-Namys» party Felix Kulov: «I have five children – 4 daughters and 1 son. When I was put into jail my family had to immigrate to USA. My elder daughter finished New York university and now lives in USA. My second daughter studies at tourism academy in Turkey. The third daughter goes to state-run school. Minor daughter and son are small yet, they do not go to a kindergarten, we raise them at home».  

Deputy of Social democratic party Abdymanap Kutushev: «My son entered Moscow state technical university named after Bauman himself and studies for free. Before this he studied at a school of German Meiner in Bishkek, wh ere he graduated successfully. And the rest go to state schools of Kyrgyzstan».

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